This travel writer is getting something so right

On more than one occasion, Soapbox Cincy in the News reaches quite deep to find published or broadcast stories about the Cincinnati region and the remarkable people initiating the many movements that keep the Queen City humming along. Sure, there are plenty of listicles churning out the known tidbit ranking us in the top, in the bottom, or somewhere in the middle.

This is different. Here is a Cincinnati story told through the eyes of Daily Beast travel writer, William O’Connor. Mr. O’Connor runs Daily Beast Travel, graduated from Georgetown University, and also writes about books and art. Unlike most writers assigned to cover Midwest cities, he does not appear to be from the middle states. Despite arriving while the Reds had a home game, he forewent the game and took in an aggressive tour of many arts and cultural stops. With each visit, he manages to see something that may have been overlooked, forgotten, or more likely, under-appreciated by locals.

One staff member, while savoring this article noted, “Incredibly, it seems as if no Cincinnati chili was consumed by this visitor.”

Read and bookmark this article now to see Cincinnati through fresh eyes. Ditch the car and walk or scoot in his shoes to see the way an outsider saw Cincinnati for a few days in June.

Read “This Midwest City is Getting Something Right—So Don’t Miss It” here.
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