American holiday destination, Cincinnati-style

Irish journalist, John Greene, reports that "unlike so many cities across the US, there is no discernible Irish influence in Cincinnati. That's not to say there isn't one - there is - it's just not as visible. The German influence, however, is everywhere: in the street names, the architecture and the thriving beer business of yesteryear which is now on the rise again."

"Covington feels like an authentic slice of small-town life in the American South, or at least how you might imagine it to be. It was certainly noticeable how the vibe differed to Cincinnati, even though all that separates them is the river."

On the journey from Ireland, Greene continued on to Cincinnati on the same day but had enough time during a stopover to spend several hours at the Blue Lagoon, Iceland's geothermal spa. On his return journey, Greene built in an overnight stay in Reykjavik to explore their exciting capital.

To learn more about Greene's fascinating trip to the Queen City, visit the here

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