Esquire Theatre and Cincinnati's indie film scene profiled

It's hard to imagine Cincinnati's Indie film scene without Clifton's Esquire Theatre. As the cinema industry emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic, Boxoffice Pro and Spotlight Cinema Networks are partnering to profile movie theaters and influential industry figures from across the country and ask them to share their first-person accounts of bringing the movies back to the big screen.

Gary Goldman and Julianne Reisenfeld of Theatre Management Corporation entered into the field in 1989 starting with Esquire Theatre. They share a community development story about how a fast food restaurant chain wanted to come into Clifton and put a restaurant on the site. Clifton residents fought it all the way up to the Ohio Supreme Court to keep fast food restaurants out creating what was called an “environmental quality district,” so any restaurants in the area had to have china and silverware. 

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