Produce Perks Midwest invests in a more equitable food safety net

COVID-19 has led to a more food insecurity, but Tevis Foreman, executive director of Produce Perks Midwest in Cincinnati, is working to get fresh food grown by local farmers into the hands of people who need it most.


Produce Perks doubles the purchasing power for low-income shoppers, providing a $1 for $1 match for families and individuals receiving SNAP when spent on healthy foods. The match can be used to purchase fruits and vegetables, stretching the SNAP $ for additional healthy foods.


“In 2019 our Produce Perks program generated over $900,000 in both SNAP and Produce Perks purchases at our participating locations again,” Foreman says. “The majority of those 125 Produce Perks locations are direct-to-consumer locations, such as farmers markets.”


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