One of the Midwest’s “best kept secrets”

Although the annual Cincinnati Music Festival has been dubbed the largest urban music festival in the country, it is still relatively unknown outside of the Midwest. Every year, people come from places like Cleveland, Detroit, and Milwaukee to hear R&B, soul, and funk, and to shop and eat throughout the city.

Aside from the music, this article in Vibe showcases “the breadth of black community building in Cincinnati,” noting that African-American business owners and community organizers come together and build each other up, both emotionally and financially.

“It’s a good time to be in Cincinnati,” says Tim’m West, recording artist and Cincy Black Pride organizer. “When I first moved here everyone was like, ‘Why did you move back here?’ Now it’s starting to be like … ‘Oh, it’s a good time to be in Cincinnati,’ is what people are saying.”

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