Crossroads Church used tithes to wipe out $46.5 million of medical debt in the region

Thanks to a partnership with New-York-based nonprofit RIP Medical Debt, Crossroads Church was able to abolish a total of $46.5 million of medical debt throughout the Midwest.

Pastor Brian Tome encouraged parishioners to tithe, money that is generally used to benefit the needs of the church. However, the church turned this money over to RIP Medical Debt, which states that for every $100 donated, $10K in debt is wiped out. This benefited 41,233 households in Ohio, 2,974 in Kentucky, 503 in Tennessee, and 136 in Indiana.

This isn't the only time Crossroads has received national attention: A recent Wired article discussed the megachurch's push to encourage entrepreneurs to slow down and use their gifts to help members of the community.

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