Startup success: Cincinnati created the blueprint for businesses to grow

According to Inc., there’s been a very intentional collaboration between big companies and startups that has been taking place for a decade in the Queen City, and those partnerships have created an environment that gives businesses the best chance at success.

Startup incubator Cintrifuse in Over-the-Rhine connects large companies — like P&G, Kroger, or Fifth Third — with entrepreneurs. If you’re a startup that makes sense for Kroger, they will pair you with them and now you have the business support of billion-dollar company.

There is an entrepreneur-in-residence from Kroger at Cintrifuse, Kevin Willey, who will take your idea and help mold it in to something Kroger and other companies will want to buy. Maurice Coffey does the same for P&G.

Inc. encourages other cities to follow suit. To read more, click here.

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