“Cincinnati Chilibomb” created in London

Londoners have been introduced to our famous chili — sort of. Tim Brice, who’s run some high-end London joints, recently opened Chilibomb on Curtain Road in Shoreditch. During lockdown, he holed up on his barge on the Grand Union, practicing recipes from all over the world.


“The Cincinnati Chilibomb is a not-too-spicy chili served in a brioche sphere,” Brice says, “and my own sauces. The coup de gras is how you get the heat: you inject your Chilibomb with a syringe of chili-infused oil at the level of heat you desire, from mildest to the hottest chili in the world – the Carolina Reaper.”


That’s right — as a nod to 2020-2021, you can “vaccinate” your plate with your desired level of hotness.

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