Milford Pride Home will offer a sanctuary for the LGBTQ+ community

Seventeen-year-old Reilly Ackermann is on a mission. After Milford High School changed their homecoming king and queen to “royalty” when two female students were voted as the winners, there was immediate homophobic backlash.


Ackermann is pushing back with the Milford Pride Home. While COVID-19 has pushed back the plans, she’s already reached her fundraising goal of $3,000, but she’s not stopping there.


I wanted to create this because I’m a queer woman, and in Milford it’s kind of obvious that there’s underlying homophobia, transphobia, etc.,” Ackermann says. “I just wanted to have a safe space, especially for kids like me to go and be able to be themselves without fear of their family or their friends judging them for being who they are. It’s going to be a mix of community center and shelter.”

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