Climate change and Ohio: Residents believe that extreme weather is impacting the country

After an unseasonably hot October and a very wet spring, 7-in-10 Ohioans believe that climate change is affecting the country.

“We’ve been having 90-degree weather in September and October this year,” says Ryan Mooney-Bullock, executive director of Green Umbrella in Cincinnati, which works to increase environmental sustainability. “That is not normal for our region … We had a bit of a drought this summer, but this spring and early summer was some of the wettest on record.”

The results of climate change go beyond extreme weather: Over time, rural areas will see less crop production, and urban areas will see an increase in respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses.

Mooney-Bullock encourages citizens to get involved in community-level efforts to increase sustainability at home, work, and in places of worship. “[…] Everybody working together, these small solutions, these incremental changes, really do make a difference,” she says.

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