The next generation of farming

Hamilton-based 80 Acres Farms has developed its own indoor artificial intelligence-powered growing system, sophisticated data monitoring, and automation technologies to deliver high quality and nutritious products at an affordable price.


The first fully automated indoor farm in the country will eliminate the costs, time, and environmental impact of cross-country transportation, providing customers with a fresher, longer lasting product while drastically reducing food waste, according to company officials.

Currently, the company provides customers with a variety of locally grown, fresh leafy greens, microgreens, and vine crops, including the world’s only tomatoes and cucumbers grown completely indoors using solely LED lighting.

The Hamilton facility, which will hopefully be operational early this year, will feature handling robotics, artificial intelligence, data analytics, and around-the-clock monitoring sensors and control systems to optimize every aspect of growing produce indoors, and will allow 80 Acres to provide pesticide-free, locally grown produce year-round.

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