Report: Streetcar boosting regional access to jobs

A report by Access Across America: Transit ranks Cincinnati first among cities with the greatest increase in job accessibility by transit — and local experts believe that’s thanks in part to the introduction last year of the Cincinnati Bell Connector streetcar.

General rankings for job accessibility by transit remained unchanged from the previous year, according to research published by the University of Minnesota, but new data comparing changes within each of the 49 largest U.S. metros over one year helped data analysts identify Cincinnati and Charlotte (with increases of 11.23 percent and 11.02 percent, respectively) as growth leaders in that segment.

The top 10 cities with the greatest increases in job accessibility by transit are as follows. (Click links for map view):

1.     Cincinnati (+ 11.23%)
2.     Charlotte (+ 11.02%)

3.     Orlando (+ 10.83%)
4.     Seattle (+ 10.80%)
5.     Providence (+ 10.65%)
6.     Phoenix (+ 7.51%)
7.     Riverside (+ 6.59%)
8.     Milwaukee (+ 6.53%)
9.     Hartford (+ 6.44%)
10.  New Orleans (+ 6.18%)

Get a big-picture look at where Cincy ranks in jobs by transit here.

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