Kroger and other grocery chains embracing technology, growth

Something that has been missing from the traditional grocery shopping experience is convenience. Grocery chains like Kroger and Whole Foods (which was recently purchased by Amazon) are working to change that.

We know of services like Kroger's Click List and Walmart Grocery Pickup that allow customers to shop from the comfort of their home, adding items to their vitural shopping carts. Workers do the "shopping," and customers schedule a time to pick up their groceries from their nearest store.

But what other advances are coming our way?

New and remodeled Kroger stores around the Tristate now have beer and wine bars, complete with the option to purchase a pint to enjoy while you shop, a glass of wine to sip at the bar or a growler to take home. The recently announced downtown Kroger will include a two-story shopping experience with a bar on the second floor, a food hall and terrace and a number of restaurants and ready-to-eat options operated by outside vendors.

This Forbes article examines six other ways that grocery stores are working to improve the shopping experience.
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