Cincinnati again tops the list of best places for college grads

For the second year in a row, Cincinnati is the best place for college graduates. There are endless job opportunities and room for growth, and the Queen City has the lowest average rent ($555) of any of the top 25 cities on this list. The cost of living here is about 3.5 percent lower than the national average too.

Smart Asset, a personal finance website, looked at 108 of the largest cities in the U.S. and examined data points that make the city suitable for a recent college graduate.
  • Jobs: The unemployment rate among those with bachelor’s degrees, the overall unemployment rate, earnings for college grads and the number of Indeed job listings.
  • Affordability: The median rent in each city and the cost of living as a percentage of the national average.
  • Fun: The concentration of entertainment and dining, the percentage of the population ages 20-29 and the Yelp scores of restaurants and bars.
To see the full ranking and find out more about Cincinnati's statistics, click here.
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