Two Cincinnati colleges among the best in ROI

Two Greater Cincinnati universities rank among the top five that provide the best return on investment in their respective states for their graduates, according to a new ranking from Payscale.

Miami University ranked second among in-state tuition and 4th place in out-of-state tuition while the University of Cincinnati’s in-state tuition ranked No. 5, in Ohio on Payscale’s 2018 Best Value Colleges list.

According to the list, in-state students at Miami pay $119,000 over four years and receive a $485,000 net return on investment over 20 years. It trailed only Case Western Reserve University as the best value for students in the Buckeye State but ranked No. 143 nationwide. 

Out-of-state students at Miami pay an average of $185,000 for four years and receive $419,000 in ROI, while UC’s in-state students pay $111,000 for four years and receive $418,000 in return. UC’s out-of-state tuition ranked No. 8 in Ohio for ROI with a four-year cost of $172,000 and return of $357,000.

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Jerry Jackson is the managing editor of Soapbox and has a passion for technology and innovation. He has lived and worked in the greater Cincinnati area since December 2000.
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