Cincy among the top five solar cities in the Midwest

Environment Ohio's Shining Cities report ranks Cincinnati as the leading solar city in the state and places it among the top five solar cities in the Midwest.

Solar power can help Cincinnati to curb emissions that contribute to global warming, become more resilient to severe weather, help residents stabilize their energy bills, and improve public health through reduced air pollution.

A house at 416 Resor Avenue in Clifton is the latest solar project. The 7,700 kWh system was installed on a metal roof at a cost of about $14,000.

The Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance (GCEA) Director of Operations Rob McCracken says the average-sized energy system producing between 8,000 kWh to 9,000 kWh of electricity a year could save homeowners around $70 dollars a month on their electric bill.

Read more about the how Cincinnati benefits from solar power here.

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Jerry Jackson is the managing editor of Soapbox and has a passion for technology and innovation. He has lived and worked in the greater Cincinnati area since December 2000.
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