Two Cincinnati-founded startups named best to watch outside of Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is known as the spot for startups, but other cities, including Cincinnati, are hot on its heels.

The startups that made VentureBeat's list of the top startups to watch in 2018 are ones that have found success by leveraging their strengths in their respective markets. Thanks to an influx of venture capital, promising hires and new customers, they’re set up for success.

Cincinnati-based Lisnr, founded in 2012, develops ultrasonic audio technology that uses inaudible Smart Tones to transmit information. It’s one of few companies experimenting within what it calls “the internet of sound.”

Tilr, another Queen City alum, aims to solve many of the hiring problems exacerbated by Silicon Valley’s tight-knit network. Similar to Blendoor, Tilr is a hiring platform that aims to remove unconscious bias in the hiring process. It's exclusively for on-demand workers and matches applicants with companies based solely on skills, not past job titles.

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