Oakley Square's transformation showcases importance of neighborhood greenspace

The businesses on Oakley Square surround a 350-foot linear park, Geier Esplanade, which is in the center of the traffic pattern. This design proved a unique challenge for the redesign, but now, the heart of the neighborhood is more pedestrian-friendly.

Over the years, the esplanade had shrunken to create more space for through traffic, which didn't support the original main street environment. The City of Cincinnati wanted to restore and enhance Oakley's business district, which serves as not only a transportation junction but also the economic and social heart of the neighborhood.

Pedestrian safety was an issue, especially at the six-point intersection at the northeast end of the square. The intersection had large turn lanes and confusing signage; for the recent redesign, streets were realigned, the intersection was simplified, traffic signals were upgraded and new crosswalks were created.

To read more about Oakley Square's redevelopment from the Congress for a New Urbanism, click here.

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