The future of transportation lies in hyperloop travel, Midwest Connect

Transportation could get a lot faster with the proposed hyperloop that could take passengers from Pittsburgh to Columbus in about 15 minutes.

The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission, which is based in Columbus, is among 35 semifinalists for the Hyperloop One Global Challenge. Hyperloop One, a Los Angeles company, is developing a system to move freight and passengers in pods that use low-pressure tubes and magnetic force.

The hyperloop, called Midwest Connect, would feature pods that would allow people to travel faster than airplanes, and for the about the price of a bus ticket.

As of right now, Midwest Connect is only in the early planning stages, and if built, would start out by connecting Pittsburgh, Columbus and Chicago. If successful, the program could launch in other areas of the country; and Cincinnatians could easily access the Columbus station via I-71.

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