StandUp and connect: Wireless company expands its Community Partner Program to Cincinnati

During a time of physical distancing, remaining connected is especially important.


StandUp Wireless is making that possible for some of the region’s most vulnerable by expanding its Community Partner Program to social service agencies in Greater Cincinnati. By doing so, more individuals who qualify will now receive the free wireless services they are entitled to through the federal government’s Lifeline program.


“StandUp Wireless provides an invaluable service for the community by making it easier for our members to obtain phones to connect with us as well as the world around us,” says Martha Nicks, professional development coach at Cincinnati Works, which is one of 40 local organizations that have partnered with StandUp Wireless to date. Other partnering organizations include the Brighton Center, Life Learning Center, the Salvation Army, and more.


As a result of the partnerships that have formed, more than 600 local residents now have a tool that allows them to connect with others, free of financial burden. That number is only expected to grow, as millions of Americans are eligible for the Lifeline program, but because of difficulty knowing where or how to apply, they do not receive their benefits.


Through the Community Partner Program, organizations will have access to a streamlined experience via the web for an easy application process.


“StandUp Wireless and Cincinnati Works have the same mission to connect low income Americans to the digital economy,” says StandUp Wireless chief operating officer Eric Schimpf. “Without wireless service, this community cannot contact doctors, employers, family, or the social service agency that is helping them during this time of need.”


With unemployment rates soaring and telehealth appointments conducted on a more frequent basis, reliable and affordable phone service is perhaps more critical than ever.


StandUp Wireless will offer at least 1,000 minutes and 3GB of data to its customers, so remaining connected will be one element of consistency in an otherwise dynamic and ever-changing environment.


“While we prepare our members for their job search, they are able to communicate directly with employers to follow up on applications and arrange interviews,” Nicks says. “In addition, they remain connected to loved ones by using the StandUp Wireless mobile phone service to talk and text.”

Though StandUp Wireless is based out of Georgia, there is a local office in Northern Kentucky, making the Greater Cincinnati region an ideal location for the expanded partnership which will empower local communities’ residents.
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