Aclipse Campervans allow you to choose your own adventure

When Emily Burns set out to train for a marathon she expected she would be running … a lot. What Emily didn’t expect was to meet her best friend, Sophie, in 2018. The two became fast friends by sharing their love of outdoor adventures and travel. Through that love of adventure, they decided in 2019 to turn their passion into a business, and Aclipse Campervans was founded.

Aclipse started with what Emily called a “typical Instagram” looking campervan that they built from scratch. Now, they have a total of six vans that can accommodate a wide variety of people. Which, of course, excites Emily and Sophie because it means more people can share their passion for travel.

“I get a lot of fulfillment out of helping people,” says Emily.  She recalls how Aclipse was able to help a family — who had a member with a compromised immune system — carry on their annual trip to Maine this past year.  “Our aim was just to help people get outside. To make it more convenient and accessible. It has become so much more than that.”

Emily was able to make Aclipse Campervans her full-time job in April of 2020 because the business just continued to grow. The campervans allow guests to be self-contained and even completely off grid because the lights and appliances are solar powered.

“We love it so much,” says Emily. “There are a lot of people out there who want to disconnect and want to go out on their own and connect with nature. We get to offer them the ability to do that.”

Aclipse requires a two-night booking, but there isn’t a max. So, if your weekend getaway turns into a three month “Eat, Pray, Love” scenario, Emily and Sophie just ask that you return the tank full and tell them all about your adventures.

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Amy Briana Counts is an aspiring young writer in Cincinnati. When she's not writing you can find her climbing rocks, traveling out west, and being "mom" to her cats, Fred and George.