Acutek celebrates 15 years of adapting to a changing industry

A Greater Cincinnati software company is celebrating its 15th birthday with a new vision of innovation.

“For 15 years we successfully solved client needs with custom automation controls,” says Dave Tryling, co-managing partner at Acutek Automation.

But as the manufacturing businesses that used Acutek's products to help automate their processes, such as aerospace, automotive and pharmaceutical firms, evolved in those rapidly-changing markets, the company changed its offerings to stay current.

“We now offer clients a more comprehensive solution to enhance any segment of their manufacturing process, or the entire line,” he says.

The company has evolved to have a greater focus on custom solutions, Tryling says, and has grown its product line in step with its service offerings: the company that once focused on integrating mechanical and software processes grew to offer solutions for efficiency and productivity issues as well.

“Rather than simply focusing on control, we have expanded our scope to offer clients an array of solution that enhances data monitoring, movement, sortation and traceability,” he says.

The transition from specialist firm to a general service provider may seem to run counter to traditional business thought, specialization being a common path toward higher rates and less competition. But for a company whose products can have application in a wide range of industries - think of how many companies use robots or automated assembly lines - the move from narrow to broad makes a good deal of sense.

Story: James Sprague
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