City's new web feature connects residents with real-time data

In a sneak-peek demonstration on Dec. 7, the City of Cincinnati unveiled its new interactive CincyInsights dashboard, which will allow the public access to real-time information on weather, emergency response, roadway projects and other residential issues.
The CincyInsights dashboard will be accessible 24/7 on the city’s new CincyInsights webpage, where any user can easily analyze and interact using geo-targeted filters for neighborhoods, as well as day/time, activity type and more.
This new public tool will feature real-time reports on crime, emergency response, potholes, registered vendors and blight reduction, plus other ongoing projects the city oversees.
City Manager Harry Black established five strategic goals for the project, including safer streets, growing economy, thriving and healthy neighborhoods, innovative government and fiscal sustainability and strategic investment.
Users will tap into continually updated datasets provided through the city’s existing Open Data Portal — the difference is that the new dashboards were designed to make provided data more visually appealing, conveniently accessible and user-friendly.
“Having this data at our fingertips will enable us to enhance City services and become a more efficient organization,” said Mayor John Cranley. “This is also a great way to utilize technology to increase transparency.”

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Hannah Purnell is a lifelong Northern Kentuckian who writes extensively about regional issues related to arts and culture, politics and economic development. 
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