Why 'Get Noticed Get Found' is the best place to work in Cincinnati

In the corner of the Get Noticed Get Found office, the gold star-embellished "Best Place to Work" award sits proudly on a shelf. The company, which provides marketing strategies and generates web content for law firms of all sizes, was presented with the award at the beginning of November. Chris Casseday, the company's very first employee and current account manager, has been working for the business since its humble beginnings at HCDC's Business Center incubator. To him, Get Noticed Get Found's newly-recognized status is a no-brainer.
"Work hard, play hard is embodied here," he says. "There aren't many places where your CEO will come up to your desk and ask you to drop everything and come play Ping-Pong or something."
The Ping-Pong table/beer-on-Fridays concept is hardly revolutionary when it comes to young companies in Cincinnati. More and more businesses have been emphasizing the balance between work and play, and their offices embody that. The thing that makes Get Noticed Get Found different from the others is its unique, detailed hiring process.
If you want to work for GNGF, you first have to put together a video presentation of yourself. These video-applications leave tremendous room for creativity, and the staff at GNGF uses them to see if the applicant would be a good cultural fit for the company. The process also weeds out those who are only marginally interested in the position.
"Experience is not exactly our goal," Casseday says. "We can teach them what they need to know. It's better that [the applicants] come out fresh with a drive to learn."
GNGF recruits young individuals right out of college. They encourage students to apply while they are in their final year or semester so that they can jump right in at graduation. If hired as an intern, they truly become a part of the company. They even play a role in choosing the next member of the GNGF family.
"When a person interviews, they interview with everyone who works here," Casseday continues. "Our biggest thing is personality and how you fit with our culture. One bad apple could totally throw the mood off."
Over the last few years, GNGF has grown exponentially. With more than a million dollars in revenue last year and a solid client base, they moved from a tiny room in HCDC's incubator to a large, open space across the street.