That's what she said. Cincinnati Women Bloggers promote, link talent of 150+ members

Just over a year ago, three local women came together with the goal of linking Cincinnati’s talented female bloggers and giving them a larger platform to promote their work.

So, Cincinnati Women Bloggers was born through Mommy Bits’ Shannon Boyer, of Park Hills, Gilfriendology’s Debba Haupert, of Hyde Park, and Laura’s Carbon Footprint’s Laura Morarity, of Oakley.

“We started Cincinnati Women Bloggers because we realized that there were a lot of very talented women blogging in Cincinnati that had no formal way to get together to share ideas and build friendships. So, we set out to create a community for women. We sent out an invitation encouraging women -- with blogs or who were interested in learning how to blog -- to join us at the BeanHaus in Covington on a Saturday morning. We crossed our fingers and hoped someone would show up. We had about 12 people at that first meeting, and we've been growing ever since,” said Morarity.

Around 150 bloggers now are members of the group, which meets monthly to talk about this growing craft. The next meeting will be Aug. 22 at 10 a.m. at the Cincinnati Ballet.

“We encourage all women to attend who are interested in blogging, even if they've never blogged before,” Morarity said. “We also occasionally hold social events -- we let the guys come to those too. We held a large Christmas party in December 2008 and celebrated our first birthday with a party in late June. We plan to continue holding occasional social events for the entire Cincinnati social media community.”

For those who can’t make the meetings, Cincinnati Women Bloggers has a virtual meeting place online. The CWB Web siteTwitter and LinkedIn pages. Through the website, users can also sign up for an enewsletter.

Writer: Feoshia Henderson
Source: Laura Morarity, co-founder Cincinnati Women Bloggers

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