Article set to offer alternatives for sharp-dressed men in OTR

Article, a new clothing store focused on men's fashion, is set to open September in Over-the-Rhine, on the corner of 12th and Vine streets, catty-corner from Taste of Belgium. The shop will cater to an underrepresented demographic, says founder Anthony Graziani.

“There are young, professional men in the city that want to have a clothing shop built just for them,” he says.

He sees a disconnect for men between the ages of 25 and 49 who don't want to dress too young or too old. 

“Men shouldn’t be forced to shop in cookie-cutter retailers," Graziani says. "We’re not second-class citizens, but when we want to buy a shirt, we are.” 

He wants Article to become a destination not only for those who are biding time while waiting for tables at nearby eateries, but for serious shoppers who want fashionable choices.

Chris Sutton, the owner and designer of Noble Denim, will sell his locally made jeans inside the shop and also keep in-store hours to tailor pants. The collaboration between local entrepreneurs makes sense, given their similar aesthetic and focus on quality and care. Sutton, along with other local clothiers, are helping generate buzz for Article.

“Article wants to be an empowering and creative spot,” Graziani says. “We shouldn’t have to go to the back of a store that primarily caters to women in order to dress ourselves.” 

By Sean Peters
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