Cincinnati's TechSolve partners with manufacturers to up productivity, foster innovation

Manufacturing has always been a competitive industry; there's always someone out there trying to make a better mousetrap. With technological and economic gains becoming widespread globally, the U.S. is competing with manufacturers across the world.

Today's economic conditions mean that efficiency and innovation are more important than ever for manufacturers looking to keep their competitive edge. In Cincinnati, TechSolve serves as a resource for startup and mid-size established manufactures seeking an advantage.

President Gary Conley estimates that TechSolve works with about 3,000 companies across Southwest Ohio each year. The organization currently has nearly 300 paying members who receive a variety of services including lean enterprise and energy management assessments, access to the Management Leadership Series and networking events.

The company also offers a la carte fee-based and free services through its Manufacturing Technology Small Business Development Center, and is a state designated Edison Technology Center.

"We work with over 100 Ohio manufacturing businesses each year through the MTSBDC program. Many of these businesses come to us at a make-or-break point, and the opportunity provided through this program is truly unique and an incredibly important resource for our local small business manufacturers," explained TechSolve Project lead Madison Doscher.

Located in Bond Hill, TechSolve was founded as the Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Sciences in the early 80s by the City of Cincinnati, the Cincinnati USA Chamber and large industrial firms to help local manufacturers improve efficiency. TechSolve has evolved along with economic conditions with consulting that focuses on improving processes through technology, and helping companies innovate new and better products.

"(Innovation and efficiency) are critical and equally important. Manufacturing is certainly the most competitive industry in the world. It's also had the most dramatic productivity gains over the last 50 years. Today you need the most efficient processes so you can produce at the lowest cost and with the highest quality. It's also important to be as innovative as you can in the types of products and the features of the products that you produce," said TechSolve President Gary Conley.

Writer: Feoshia Henderson
Source: TechSolve President Gary Conley

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