Acceptd sets out to change the game in digital video college applications

Two University of Cincinnati marketing and entrepreneurship grads have created web-based software designed to make it easier for university professionals to manage video applications for creative and sports programs.

Acceptd is nearing the Beta testing stage. Co-founders Don Hunter of Oakley and Derek Brown of Columbus are working with UC, Miami University and other local institutions to test the tool that can be tailored to individual programs and colleges.

"It's designed to be a simple, web-based management tool. It allows the users to screen video applications that are used in performing arts programs or athletic programs where they view highlight reels," Hunter said.

Today administrators contend with a hodgepodge of formats from DVDs to YouTube links. They can be difficult to manage, share and compare, Hunter said.

"This will format all of the videos, and the decision makers can rate them and collaborate with other decision makers in real time. This will streamline the process," Hunter said. Acceptd can be modified for individual college programs.

"Each program will have a public branding landing page, a welcome note from the dean, programs available and requirements for it," Hunter said.

There is also a dashboard for applicants who can upload their videos and send them to multiple colleges or universities. Students can add their social media pages, a bio and more for viewing. The social media component also lets students connect through Facebook and see where their friends are applying. Acceptd will notify students by email or text when their video has been received, viewed and commented on.

Hunter believes Acceptd can be a leader in the emerging video application trend, which is becoming more popular with the ease and ubiquity of recording technology. He and Brown are preparing for a limited fall launch before introducing it to the wider college community.

Writer: Feoshia Henderson
Source: Acceptd co-founder Don Hunter

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