Former Kroger developers form Atomic Robot, offer app development for small business

Not unlike the planning of a perfect heist, Atomic Robot was formed when Jeremy Black, Alex Robinson and Patrick Hammond came together with a master plan to take over the world, er … form an app development company.
Atomic Robot is a mobile development company located in Cincinnati focused primarily on developing premium mobile apps for technology startups and small businesses. The founders are all veterans Cincinnati's development community who met while working on the Kroger Company’s mobile team.
“Prior to starting Atomic Robot, I was a founding member of Kroger’s mobile team responsible for mobile application development, architecture and strategy,” Robinson says. “We helped them launch their app close to four years ago, which reached a million consumers within a year without any advertising.”
After seeing success as part of that team, Robinson and his co-founders began seeing more opportunities for consulting work on the side. Soon enough, they decided to make the jump, and in 2011, Atomic Robot was formed. However, the initial focus was more on creating apps for the general marketplace.
“We developed a few apps, but didn’t know how to market them properly,” Robinson says. “Last spring, we decided it was time to move on instead and find other companies opportunities to get into mobile.”
Since then, Atomic Robot has worked for a variety of clients, covering a range of focuses. Sporty’s Learn to Fly, the most popular pilot training course in the app store, is an Atomic Robot creation, as is Postseason Game Ball, an app developed for the 2012 Major League Baseball playoffs. 
“I’ve been a software designer for a very long time, but my work was always very technical and hard to explain,” Black says. “The Kroger app was the first time my wife started using something I made. Now with the expansion of smartphones, so many doors have opened up for everyone, and I can work on something that is more helpful for more people.”
In 2014, Atomic Robot is growing and looking forward to moving into its first office space. To find out more about the company, visit

By Mike Sarason
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