Differential offers knowledge to new businesses

In a city recognized as an ideal location for startup businesses, it’s no surprise there are an increasing number of resources sprouting up to assist burgeoning entrepreneurs. Differential is one of those resources, and it’s now offering expertise to Cincinnati businesses.

“Differential is addressing an opportunity to help through the ‘venture studio’ model pioneered by companies like Idealab and Betaworks,” says Ry Walker, who founded Differential with Tim Metzner. “We employ a team of product and customer development veterans who work in a continuously operating product lab, focusing on a very small number of startups at a time.”
Differential helps new businesses by addressing common problems, like raising seed capital, establishing a revenue system that will work repeatedly, inserting protocols to streamline operations, and helping founders connect with experienced co-founders.
“Unlike incubators, we work with one client at time, for as long as it takes, to get quickly to a point where the venture can raise additional funds, or call it quits due to no viable path forward,” Walker says.
Based in the Queen City, the founders are committed to assisting local entrepreneurs thrive. Now ready to serve its first client, Differential wants the city to know it’s ready to boost local businesses.
“We see Cincinnati as a great place with a lot of positive momentum, but we’re taking a 20-year view, and there’s a lot of hard work to be done,” Walker says. “Cincinnati is home, it’s the town we love and believe in, and a place where businesses can thrive with the right mindset.”

By Sean Peters

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