Ample digital media finds niche, grows, finds new office

Nearly three years after starting a digital branding firm, the five multi-media creatives behind Ample have added to their ranks.

This past fall, the company hired two new employees (a developer and senior project manager) and moved into a new space on the 5th floor of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation's building downtown.

Company strategy head Josh Fendley said Ample has found its stride. The company has been working with many small startups and entrepreneurs looking to promote and present their products and services in an engaging, user friendly way.

"It seems like that where the world is heading. (Companies) want make sure that their user experience is great. But we're finding a lot of places don't want to take that on themselves," Fendley said.

That's where Ample comes in. The business' seven employees can tackle all aspects of a multi-media web project from copywriting and strategy to web development and design.

They've worked with several startups familiar to Soapbox readers including Paycor, B2Bee and Hoist. Though most of Ample's work is in the digital world, it's also experienced outside the web.

"With Hoist we did all the packaging, branding and web design. That's been a big feather in our cap," Fendley said.

The company has also done work for more established brands, including White Castle, whose web site Ample overhauled along with local agency Northlich. The site integrates customer video and photos, as well as Facebook and Twitter.

One of the company's newest clients is Rhinestahl, a Mason-based tooling company that's grown by becoming the OEM provider for GE's aircraft and gas turbine engine custom tooling work.

"They quickly became self-conscious about their image, so we are working with them. We love being a partner with people. We can't take on the world for people, but there is a lot that we can do," Fendley said.

Writer: Feoshia Henderson
Source: Ample strategy director Josh Fendley

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