Cincinnati, OH

Ethan Snider of Summuh

How did you start your business?
I joined the Madeira Farmers’ Market late last June. I began with three flavors of hummus: Sister Mary Rosarita, Midnight in the Garden and Down by the Sea. I wanted to start as small as possible and make a product I believed in. I knew if I had recognizable products with true flavors that were fresh, local and organic that people would slowly but surely join in my beliefs.

Soon after that, I joined the Loveland farmers market and worked the the markets for a few weeks before adding the Northside farmers’ market and the Lettuce Eat Well Farmers’ Market in Cheviot. At the beginning of September, I was lucky to join the Hyde Park market. Most recently, and with the farmers markets coming to an end, I joined the Findlay Market Farm Shed, where I will continue to be all winter and hopefully next season as well.

How did you come up the idea for your business?
The idea came to me because there was a niche to fill at the markets; I saw a need for something vegetarian or vegan. I knew that I could create lots of new and innovative flavors of hummus with the great array of seasonal ingredients from local farmers found at these markets.

What resources here did you take advantage of and how did they help?
The greatest resource has been the farmers and other cottage producers. They have been a great support and have all been very helpful with market as well as start-up business knowledge.

What would you do differently if you started your business again?
Take more time to focus on the business side of the business. I kinda just took a leap of faith!

What’s next for you and your company?
I think the right path for me is to open up a small storefront where I could sell my hummus as well as sandwiches and other dishes made with hummus, local ingredients and cottage products.

Interview by Robin Donovan