Peachy's Health Smart Cooking School

7400 Montgomery Rd.
Cincinnati, OH

Peachy Seiden of Peachy's Health Smart Cooking School

Peachy Seiden founded Peachy’s Health Smart Cooking School to teach people how to improve their health through flavorful recipes and health-conscious cooking techniques.

How did you start your business? 
As a dietitian and nutrition counselor and health coach, I see clients/patients for proper weight loss and give advice on diets for people with chronic problems like diabetes, cancer, heart disease and hypertension. Most of these clients have been seen by a dietitian at the hospital but they need continued follow-up by an outside dietitian.

How did you come up with the idea for your business?
The cooking classes began as a little side activity when my clients asked if I could show them how to cook and prepare some dishes to help them with the use of seasonings and to eliminate mealtime monotony. I thought it was a great idea and we began doing healthy cooking classes just among my regular clients until word got out and the cooking school was born.

What resources here did you take advantage of and how did they help?
I also teach at a culinary school in Cincinnati, and being a member of the faculty provides unlimited resources.

What inspires you?
I create all the recipes that we cook at the cooking school. Sometimes I get in a groove and start creating new dishes—I don’t even know where my creativity comes from. I suppose I get inspired to keep inventing and writing recipes because I like the reaction and positive feedback that I get from the attendees.
What’s next for you and your company?
There is never a time where someone (class attendee) suggests to me that I should open a Health Smart Restaurant. So, perhaps.

Interview by Robin Donovan