22 N. Shaw Lane
Ft. Thomas, KY

Tanith Smith of Artscapade

Tanith Smith is the founder of Artscapade, a family-oriented art studio that encourages kids and parents to explore fine art.

How did you start your business? 
Art has been a huge part of my life since I was very young, and I wanted the same for my kids. I had a vision of the type of place that would be ideal for children of younger ages to access various art materials and programming that was beyond the cut-and-paste craft.
After doing my homework, I decided to make this a possibility not only for my kids but for the community. I started with one class in my dining room with the kids from our neighborhood, and it just grew from there.
How did you come up with the idea for your business?
Being a parent, you are constantly looking for ways to encourage your kids to try new things. Art has always been a very important part of our lives, and I wanted our kids to experience and explore the world of art beyond the easel.
What services do you provide?
We love providing opportunities for children to make things, but we also love to encourage creative connection and engagement between parents and their kids.
We started with a summer camp series that has now grown to after-school classes, Mommy and Me weekday classes, creative parties and workshops for all ages. We specialize in creating hands-on experiences that are fun, unique and inspiring. We develop programming for children as young as 2 and community events that spark the imagination of today’s families.
Why is it important for kids to be involved in the arts?
Art goes beyond paints and brushes—it creates self-confidence, allows you to try new things and make mistakes, and it opens your mind to multiple options and gives you an opportunity for expression. Nothing compares to a hands-on experience in which you can get your hands dirty, have fun and learn.
What advice do you have for other startups in the area?
Talk to people. Don't be afraid to talk about your idea and see what people think. Getting your excitement out in the open gives you either assurance that you have something that will work or feedback that may lead you to a better path.
What’s next for you and your company?
We just introduced a new series of creative parties. We are also working on becoming more mobile to bring a dose of our creative experiences to family-friendly community events.
Interview by Robin Donovan