Brette Borow, founder of GirlsGuideTo

How did you start your business?
GirlsGuideTo initially began as a passion project to help me cope with the transition when I was entering the real world after college. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Based on my extensive experience in all facets of media and marketing, I saw an incredible opportunity to turn my idea into a business.
How did you come up with the idea for your business?
The idea for GirlsGuideTo began when I was entering the real world after college. I had so many questions, but couldn’t find a place to get the advice I needed. I had gotten tired of reading the same old articles and advice that were targeting my demographic and feeling like I didn’t have a voice.
GirlsGuideTo was so well received by my peers that it drove me to turn it into a business. I wanted to provide women with a platform to ask their questions and get advice in an environment in which they felt safe, secure and comfortable doing so.
What resources here did you take advantage of and how did they help?
Immediately after our launch we had gotten some significant press. We were contacted by Dave Knox who strongly urged me to apply for the Brandery’s inaugural class. Unfortunately, I had prior commitments in Los Angeles. However, that connection led to an introduction to CincyTech, which recently funded GirlsGuideTo.
What inspires you?
Growing up in Chicago, I was always inspired by Oprah’s ability to help others. Even as a little girl, that was always my dream. Today, knowing that I’ve been blessed to fulfill this dream is what inspires me the most.
What’s next for you and your company?
Our focus right now is to continue to build up our audience, ramp up our team and improve our product. Our goal is to turn GirlsGuideTo into a household name by continuing to create engaging content for this female 18 to 35 demographic.
We’ve recently hired Katie Ostoich as an editor in our Cincinnati office to facilitate this. We’re also about to begin building up our online video presence. There’s a lot happening!

Interview by Robin Donovan