Crossroads Church raises $87 million with "I'm In" campaign

Just a few months short of celebrating its 20th anniversary, Oakley-based Crossroads Church has raised $87.8 million from its “I'm In” campaign.
The campaign is an opportunity for Crossroads members to make sacrificial commitment beyond what they regularly give over a period of three years to help fund initiatives in four core “battlefronts”: friends, city, country and world. It’s the fourth campaign since Crossroads’ inception and has garnered commitments from more than 7,000 families.
“It’s really amazing what can happen when a group of people who want to make a difference in their city and world choose to come together,” says Tim Senff, Director of Central Services Ministries. “We have really seen a lot of powerful change through this.”
While some of the campaign’s focus is on enhancing current sites to make space for multi-functional use, expanding and creating new sites and connecting to people all across the country, Crossroads’ biggest work involves the fourth component: world.
Crossroads does substantial work outside the U.S., from creating better infrastructure in Nicaragua and helping women escape sex trafficking in India to helping people living in poverty and oppression in South Africa. 
In partnership with Grace Bible Church, one of the largest churches in South Africa, the Crossroads campaign will help fund the construction of a program modeled after Cincinnati’s CityLink.

CityLink SA will help people living in poverty by providing job and vocational training as well as entrepreneurial development, much like CityLink does here in Cincinnati’s West End. Construction will begin in 2016, Senff says.
Do Good:

• Make an online donation to help support Crossroads’ “I’m In” campaign.

• Visit the campaign website for more information on “I’m In.”

• For questions about “I’m In,” contact Crossroads.
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