Book donations further literacy efforts at LNGC

Book collections play an important role for the Literacy Network of Greater Cincinnati, as the organization works to further its mission of advocating for literacy development in the community—particularly with regard to creating reading opportunities for children.
“A lot of the schools we bring our books to—about 90% and higher—are considered at the economically disadvantaged level,” says Kim McDermott, director of communications and grant writer at the Literacy Network.
Last month, for example, students from Our Lady of the Visitation worked with the Literacy Network to organize a book drive to benefit six local schools and organizations. They collected a total of 2,706 books.
“We talked to librarians and coordinators, and they just said, ‘Often, these kids—it’s the only book they own—or they’re used to library books that are torn up,’ and they don’t have money to replace those things,” McDermott says.
Book collections are just one part of the Literacy Network’s Winners Read program, which pairs students from kindergarten through fourth grade with tutors in an effort to improve reading levels so that everyone is at grade-level.
“Last year alone, we trained and placed 1,012 tutors in the Winners Read program, and this year, we’re looking at around 1,300 or 1,400 tutors trained and placed,” McDermott says. “It’s adding positive influence into students’ lives where they might lack that. And some might have it, but you just can’t get enough support at that age.” 

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By Brittany York
Brittany York is a professor of English composition at both the University of Cincinnati and Xavier University. She also edits the For Good section of SoapboxMedia. 

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