Women-centered soHza partners with YWCA Cincinnati to connect with women across globe

In an effort to expand its reach locally and globally, soHza recently partnered with YWCA Cincinnati to connect women in developing countries across the globe with local women in need through handmade jewelry.

Some of the jewelry is made from melted down bullet casings and weapons, others from upcycled tin and bull horn. Anyone can purchase jewelry and accessory items online, where they can also choose the local organization they’d like to support with their purchase. 
Co-founder Debbie Lupariello launched soHza in April 2013 with her sisters Melissa and Vicki with the philosophy that, when women are at the center of change, anything is possible.
“When women buy these pieces of jewelry, they become part of the change and connect the story,” Lupariello says. “I think that is where women’s power is. We have the ability to see through so many barriers and connect with one another. That’s what we’re about, that’s the point of soHza.”
Approximately 15 percent of purchases will support various organizations that help women. Proceeds also help create sustainable income for women in 11 different countries like Vietnam, Ecuador, Colombia and the Philippines.
The recent partnership with YWCA Cincinnati will continue to empower and support women here in the U.S. as well as also across the globe.
“The whole idea of soHza is to partner women with other women to change the world,” Lupariello says. “We’re the same no matter where we come from. The more we tell that story, the more we can make positive change in the world.”
Do Good:

• Learn more about soHza’s mission.

• Support women around the world by purchasing a piece of jewelry.

• Read a story about one of soHza's artisans.