Neighbors helping neighbors, ReSource celebrates 30 years

Since its founding in 1986 ReSource has helped more than 1,800 local organizations, saving them more than $40 million.

How it works: corporate surplus — everything from office supplies to furniture — is collected, then made available to ReSource’s member nonprofits, which helps those organizations achieve their missions, and eliminates waste by keeping useful items out of landfills.
According to the Greater Cincinnati Foundation's board member and ReSource's founder Robert Castellini, ReSource has evolved into something greater than was ever imagined.
"In 1986, the Greater Cincinnati Foundation resolved to help neighborhood community councils become more effective,” Castellini said. “One of the offshoots of this effort became the Neighborhood Resource Bank, now ReSource.”
The nonprofit has since helped nonprofits like the Talbert House furnish drug and alcohol treatment centers.
In addition to providing items to nonprofits for a fraction of what they would otherwise cost, ReSource also equips more than 250 organizations with training, support and access to event décor, which nonprofits can rent rather than buy, so they don’t have to spend funds from their budgets on decorations and centerpieces for fundraisers and galas.
“ReSource is helping neighborhoods invest in themselves," Castellini said. 

Do Good: 

•    If you're a nonprofit interested in connecting with ReSource, consider a membership.

•    If you're a corporation with unneeded items, donate them to ReSource, which will pick them up for free. Learn more here.

•    Support ReSource's work by donating or volunteering.

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