TriHealth and People Working Cooperatively team up to prevent, reduce falls among elderly

Falls occur for one-third of Hamilton County residents aged 65 and older and are their leading cause of hospitalization, trips to the emergency room and even death.
To reduce the number of hospital stays and ER visits, TriHealth has partnered with People Working Cooperatively to implement a three-year evidence-based study, thanks to a $1.2 million grant from Bethesda Inc.
“With this grant, People Working Cooperatively is poised to play a major role in ‘Population Healthcare Management’ as the aging population accelerates,” says Ron Henlein, PWC’s director of corporate and community partnerships. “PWC has more than 25 years’ experience assessing and installing home modification products, and our close partnership with TriHealth only increases our ability to really make a difference in this community.”
As a part of the joint effort, TriHealth physicians will assess patients to determine their fall risk and then refer them to Stepping On, an evidence-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-approved educational program aimed at fall prevention.
“Since almost half of all falls occur in the home, this is such a key piece to the puzzle of fall prevention,” says Stephanie Lambers, Injury Prevention Coordinator for TriHealth’s Trauma Services and board member for PWC, which she says adds a unique component to the transformational fall prevention program. “By providing home modifications tailored to individual needs, PWC in partnership with TriHealth will help reduce individuals risk for falls in their home.” 

Do Good: 

• Talk to your elderly loved ones about falls and encourage them to talk to their physician or health care provider about fall prevention. 

• Support People Working Cooperatively's work by donating.

Volunteer with PWC by engaging in home repairs and modifications.

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