The Nutrition Council relocates to Children's Home of Cincinnati, expands healthy eating programs

The Nutrition Council recently became a program of The Children’s Home of Cincinnati, changing its address from downtown to Madisonville while its name, community programs, services and partnerships remain the same.
“Our goal is to focus on integrating nutrition services to the families served by the Children’s Home and continuing and strengthening nutrition education in the community,” says Lauren Niemes, director of nutrition services at the Children’s Home.
The new partnership between the two organizations will allow each to have a bigger impact on the needs of local children and their families who are at risk. 

“We have been providing programs at the Children’s Home for the last year,” Niemes says. “The children and their families have many needs, and healthy eating often does not rise to the top of the list. This partnership will enable us to take a more comprehensive approach to health and nutrition.”

Do Good:

• Volunteer in a group with some friends at the Children's Home.

Donate to help support the Nutrition Council's mission. 

• For more information about the Children's Home, call 513-272-2800.
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