The Carnegie presents affordable, engaging workshops for kids

Registration is now open for The Carnegie’s fall and early-winter ArtStop Artist Series workshops, which are aimed at kids ages 7-12 who want to engage in creative learning opportunities.
Dance and drama, in addition to both 2- and 3-dimensional art are all realms of exploration at the workshops.
“These programs offer students opportunities to wonder, create, communicate, problem solve and more,” says Alissa Paasch, education director at The Carnegie. “Problem solving and innovation can be developed if students are given opportunities to make decisions and learn through exploration. Too often, students are presented with step-by-step instruction, which is wonderful for developing technique, but not as successful in developing creativity and problem-solving skills.”
Take for example “Tiny Town,” a 3-D visual arts offering where students dream up their ideal city and then build it.
“Our programs are very student-driven, allowing them to freely create and reflect upon their work in a safe environment,” Paasch says. “On top of that, they are taught by top-notch teaching artists — two instructors are in the room at all times — for a very low cost.”
It’s a way to immerse students in all that The Carnegie offers — visuals, theater and education — as it “inspires creativity for all.”
“It is important to us that we engage students in all forms of expression, from visual arts to dance to theater to creative writing and more,” Paasch says. “Our goals are to help students find their voice and their mode of expression.”

Do Good: 

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