Smart Greater Cincinnati teaches financial literacy

Fidelity Investments recently launched Smart Greater Cincinnati, a financial education program for elementary and middle school teachers, through a partnership with the University of Cincinnati Economics Center and Northern Kentucky University’s Center for Economic Education
Smart Greater Cincinnati is part of a nationwide movement to bring financial literacy to every grade level and help close the education gap. The program already exists in Texas and Tennessee; a pilot was brought to Ohio in 2013. The impact of Smart Greater Cincinnati reached 2,700 students in the classroom just this year.
“This is so invaluable for our teachers,” says Nicole Gordon, Fidelity Investments community relations manager. “It’s one thing to teach content, but how do you relate it to the future of your students?”
Fidelity Investments volunteers trained 60 local teachers, focusing on professional development and best practices for teaching personal finance education to their students.
Much of the program is activity-based, just like they would be in the classrooms, and focus on good decision-making; the heart of the lessons target savings, spending, money management and credit.
“This training is crucial,” Gordon says. “Making a budget and understanding credit cards is part of making smart financial decisions. Instilling this is so important.”

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