Hive helps undiscovered musicians reach new audiences

Early stage musicians can now reach a larger audience thanks to Hive, a music discovery and distribution platform that recently released an app to add to its partnerships with artists and organizations in the music industry.

Hive exists to connect the right listeners to artists who haven't been discovered quite yet, allowing music to be delivered in 30-second clips to help listeners swipe through what they do and don’t like. When a user swipes right on a song, it sends that clip to six random users with similar music preferences to help share that music and get the artist discovered.
Hive was one of eight startups to graduate from UpTech’s fourth accelerator class in February. 

“The one thing I’m most excited and passionate about — which is the core of what we’re doing — is helping change the way newer musicians get heard and spread the word about their music,” Hive CEO Andrew Savitz says. “The way the industry currently works is very difficult. It can be difficult to make money and get shows booked.

“The thing we’re truly most passionate about is that we’re making it so it doesn’t matter if you have the money or knowledge or not. All you need to focus on is making the best music you can.”

Hive allows independent artists to have a distribution tool that reaches a large network of music lovers and allows musicians to view real-time data on who is listening to their uploads.
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