The Cure Starts Now's annual event aims to provide funds for continued cancer research

On May 6, the Cure Starts Now will celebrate 10 years at its Once in a Lifetime Gala & Auction, and with more than $7.3 million in research funded since the foundation’s inception, there’s a lot to celebrate.

In that time, the Cure Starts Now has come a long way. When Wyoming residents Keith and Brooke Desserich lost their 6-year-old daughter Elena to brain cancer, “the cure starts now,” was written in a blog they maintained that detailed Elena’s journey.

To begin raising money to fund research, while honoring Elena’s life and legacy, the Desserich family sold Elena’s artwork — each piece accompanied by a lesson or story — at their hometown art show.

Those four words — “the cure starts now,” however, were resolute, proclaiming a determination and dedication to finding the “homerun cure” for cancer by funding research of its most deadly forms, such as DIPG.

And it was going to take more than an art show to make the strides the Desserichs were hoping for.

The Cure Starts Now Foundation began small, but it now has 30 chapters on the international stage, all of which are working closely to help researchers and oncologists collaborate to find a cure.

Last year’s Once in a Lifetime Gala & Auction helped the foundation raise $400,000 to help continue to support research funding.

“This event each year is not only fun, but it also raises significant funds that make a real difference in the lives of these children battling cancer," Desserich says.

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