Shroder Paideia High School students raise money to help peers experiencing homelessness

An 11th-grade government class at Shroder Paideia High School recently organized a bake sale and raised $650, which they donated to UpSpring — a local nonprofit that serves local children who are impacted by homelessness.

According to the nonprofit, there are approximately 7,000 children experiencing homelessness within the Greater Cincinnati region. On top of the obvious obstacles that they encounter, only 25 percent of homeless youth across the United States graduate from high school.

It’s a statistic that both the nonprofit and the Shroder student who fronted the effort — an individual who had personally experienced homelessness and who wanted to ease the transition for others during the difficult time — hopes to change.

“Through their leadership and selflessness, these students are helping empower other kids in their community who are in need,” says Renee Berlon, UpSpring’s development director.

Programs like UpSpring Summer 360, which provides educational and enrichment activities to children facing homelessness during the months that school is not in session, will benefit from the funds raised by the Shroder students.

“It’s inspiring to see students stepping up to support and invest in their peers," Berlon says.


- Support UpSring and the programs it offers by donating.

- Volunteer with UpSpring.

- Talk to your children or students about local nonprofits and the causes that they serve. Consider a service learning activity, or allow them to brainstorm ideas on their own.

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