Bree: DJ/karaoke hostess extraordinaire

Name: bree
Title: Musician, radio producer, advocate, dj/karaoke hostess extraordinaire
Age: 30
Neighborhood: Northside

What do you do?
Strive daily to make Cincinnati a place myself and other like-minded individuals can enjoy living in. I'm an active member of Cincinnati's music scene, from performing to promoting fellow musicians via the radio programs I produce. Serving as an advisory board member for WVQC, I'm continuously making an effort to create a quality outlet for local musicians to be heard.

My weekday evenings are spent trying to provide the most fairly run, and yet most fun, karaoke the city has to offer. Whether you're a singer or a spectator, it's an unquestionable source of entertainment. Something I try very hard to do in Cincinnati is raise awareness about the inaccessibility for people with disabilities. Every day, renovation plans are made, businesses are opened, and new structures are erected that do not include the consideration of someone like me bringing patronage or being discriminated against.

Why do you do it?
I have a strong feeling that I was born to. Born with a disability and uncontrollable obsession with music was no conscious decision. I sang along to the songs my (then) teenage Uncle imposed upon me before I spoke in full sentences. Although when it came time for sentences, one of my first was “Hello, I'm Martha Quinn.” I was also born to a Mother who taught me to never take no for an answer, and that no matter what the obstacle, I could overcome it.

Why Cincinnati?
I grew up in the Greater Cincinnati area, spending time in Erlanger, Kentucky to Hyde Park. When I was 21, I moved to Portland, Oregon, for the music scene, public transit and city-wide accommodation for people with disabilities. I returned to work with an entity I had only ever dreamed of -- WOXY. So much had changed (improved) here in the time span in which I was gone; I knew I could use the experience gained from Portland to help further the progress in this city.

What do you love about the city?
I love the new generation of people who want progress and improvement, in what I had felt was a very stagnant city I was leaving 10 years ago. Cincinnati has an amazing history that deserves embracing and showcasing. Honoring that and embracing the evolution really can exist simultaneously.

What are you trying to change about the city?
I'd like to think I'm changing the city by bringing in a whole new dimension of diversity. Playing a unique style of music with the band I play in, Slack Panther, that really can't be compared to any other local band. Offering a new brand of karaoke that everyone can enjoy. Helping to fill the gap losing WOXY left by facilitating a brand new media outlet in WVQC. Just generally putting myself out there to do whatever is needed to keep things here fresh.

What's next?
I have so many plans for the future! I'm looking to finally launch my solo music project, The Pam Attack. Cultivate my position as an A&R Rep for Apollo99 Records. Slack Panther has lots of great things planned, including our upcoming show; we're opening for Wussy at their CD release. I'd like to unveil my (not so) hidden talent of ice cream making with what my friends are calling “bree's freeze.” The madness never slows down in the world of bree.

Lastly, I'd like to successfully consult local business owners on how they can affordably make their establishments accessible. It doesn't have to be an obstacle either of us can't tackle. 
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