Nomad's 'Wag Your Tail' turns 20

Nomad (Nomadic Provision) is the elusive Cincinnati one-man-band behind the wasted electro-funk anthem "Wag Your Tail."

Since its rediscovery by intrepid record diggers, its blaring vocoder growls have driven Wag Your Tail to become a cult hit on dancefloors which have finally caught up with its future-primitive sound. Like the merciless march of the primitive drum machine at the heart of Wag Your Tail, Nomad has continued to write, record and perform continuously since the 1980s, keeping the Southern Ohio Bounce of Bootsy, the Ohio Players, Roger and Zapp alive.

Originally released 20 years ago on an obscure 45, Platter Party Records will re-release "Wag Your Tail" along with its original flipside, "Sweet Creamy Dream," described by one reviewer as "Outkast on morphine," later this year.

Photos and story by Scott Beseler.

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