Cincinnati music at SXSW

In the midst of thousands of bands and performances, a handful of Cincinnati bands made the 19-hour trek to add Cincinnati's voice to the biggest musical event in the country. This year a couple of those travelers worked to make Austin feel a little more like home for Queen City musicians. 

All Night Party hosted the Midwest by Southwest showcase at Soho Lounge in Austin on Tuesday, and Jason Snell of Ohio Knife worked with Landor to create the Down Showcase at Kenny Dorhan's Backyard on Thursday. Some bands have experience and industry recognition, like Wussy, who performed several official showcases and had the likes of SPIN and NPR come check out their live broadcast show for KEXP of Seattle. Firs- timers like the Pinstripes, however, walked down Sixth Street performing to crowds in the hundreds. 

No matter the experience, Cincinnati was represented in force and Soapbox's Evan Wallis was there to see it all and ask the Cincinnatians about their experiences at SXSW. 

The Insider: Joey Cook, The Pomegranates

The Rising Star: Lisa Walker, Wussy

The Newcomers: Matt Kursmark and Leo Murcia, The Pinstripes

The Upstart: Jason Snell, Ohio Knife

The Wild Card: Mike Montgomery and Kelly Deal, R. Ring
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