100 & Counting

This week's issue of Soapbox marks #100 - and coincidentally, our 2nd year anniversary as a publication (It's this Friday, if you'd like to take us to dinner or buy us flowers). 

The publication that could have haphazardly started life as "ThreeWayMedia" has instead spent the past two years changing the way we all look at the Queen City, with surprising results. And while it's business as usual at Soapbox world headquarters on Vine Street, we've taken some time to reflect on what matters most to us, and of course, to you.

Soapdish regular Casey Coston takes a look at how we've been changing the narrative about Cincinnati one reader at a time, while tireless behind the scenes publisher Dacia Snider and our chief birth father, Eric Avner, take turns in this week's Soapblog to reflect on where we've been and share some exciting news about where we're headed.   And don't miss our feature and interview with Shepard Fairey who plans to make a lot of art in this town over the next few weeks.

Enjoy this week's issue - we sure do enjoy having you along for the ride. Remember, its your Soapbox.

Sean Rhiney
Managing Editor

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